Any alternative tool to FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery?

Summary: Need an alternative to FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery? Look no further. In this article, we're going to look at the best alternative to FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery that can faithfully get deleted/lost messages, contacts, call history, notes,etc back on your iPhone.

FonePaw is a good choice for iOS data recovery. Yet, few shortcomings still exist like price is too high; overwritten data has no possibility to be recovered... To recover your iPhone data more efficiently, you can seek for an alternative to FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. Now see our expert reviews of the best FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery alternative described below.

Based on our multiple testing, we have come across a good alternative to replace FonePaw with iRefone(or iRefone for Mac)- a professional yet data recovery program. Generally, iRefone is specially designed to recover your lost files from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch any no matter how you have lost the data.

Comparison between FonePaw and iRfone:

- FonePaw's prices are very high around $69.95 and vary as per single and multiple users. While in iRfone cost $49.95.
- While FonePaw's interface is complicated, iRefone has a smooth, logical and easy-to-use interface.
- One cannot preview the voice memos right before recovery in FonePaw. Where in iRefone can be able to preview the data.
- An option to filter by deleted items is absent in FonePaw and you need to scroll thousands of items to find the one you want. While, iRefone uses its intelligent analysis technique to get back your lost data by showing the preview of lost files after scan. It saves you valuable time.

How to Use iRefone to Recovery iPhone/iPad/iPod Data

Step 1. After the installation of iRefone, run the application and connect your device to your computer.

Step 2. Select a recovery mode. Basically, there are 3 types of recovery modes, namely Recovery from iOS device, Recovery from iTunes Backup and Recovery from iCloud Backup.

Step 3. Once the recovery mode is selected, scan the deleted data files on the device or choose the correct backup from iTunes or iCloud.

Step 4. Recover and store your data. Click on Recover and choose one folder to store the data you select. And just a short time, you can check your lost data again!

You're done. As you see, recovering iPad, iPhone, iPad lost data with iRefone can be more effective and iRefone can be used as the best FonePaw alternative for iPhone data recovery.

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Recover lost notes from iPhone without iTunes/iCloud

Sum: Is there any way to recover notes from the iPhone itself? Check out this article to find out the solid answers.

Backups are an essential part in the life of an iPhone user. They provide certainty in getting back the data you might have lost by accidental deletion or an unfortunate circumstance that happened with your phone. While, if you lost notes from your iPhone and even have no exact iTunes or iCloud backup, what can do you? Here is indeed such a program that enables you to recover notes from iPhone 6 SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS without iTunes/iCloud backup files:

iRefone for Mac(or Windows version)

- Recover lost notes directly from iPhone
- Supports iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone SE and the latest iOS 9 fully!
- Recover data lost due to deletion, device loss, iOS 9 upgrade, etc.
- Selectively preview and recover any data you want.

Steps of How to Recover iPhone Notes without Backup

Before recovering deleted iPhone notes, you need to know that you shouldn't use your iPhone for anything after you lost your notes, because any operation on your iPhone may overwrite the lost data. The best way is to power off your iPhone until you've recovered the lost iPhone notes.

1. Launch iRefone

Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable so as to scan and get back lost notes to it. Once connected successfully, your iPhone will be detected by iRefone. If it is the first time to connect your iPhone to the computer, you need click Trust the computer on your iPhone screen firstly. Click Start button to begin.

2. Scan notes from iPhone

Click on Notes item to start scanning and analysis process. It may take some time to scan if you get a larger data on iPhone.

3. Preview and select notes to recover to iPhone

Now you can select those lost notes and then, click Recover to Device button. Once clicked, just follow the reminders pop-up from the software.

After restoring, those lost notes have been in your iPhone safely and successfully.

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Tutorial on how to Restore deleted messages from iPhone 6S/6S Plus/SE/5S

Summary: An enlightening tutorial on how to recover deleted messages from iPhone 6S/6S Plus/SE/5S. Read on to get more hints. 

"Last night I unintentionally deleted my iphone data, but recognized that I should've do a new backup. Wonder if there is any way for me to recover the deleted text messages from my iPhone 6S iOS 9.2. Thanks in advance." 

Accidentally deleted messages? Mistakenly deleted iPhone text messages can be a serious experience, especially when messages are really important and irreplaceable. How do I retrieve those deleted text messages? 

In fact, the deleted messages from your iPhone actually doesn't disappear, and are just technically marked for deletion by the system and hidden so that they become invisible to us. However, the question is that you can't easily find those marked and hidden message files, and retrieve invisible messages to iPhone generally. 

Fortunately, with the emergence on iRefone for Mac, a professional and trustworthy iPhone data recovery, you can get released from the annoying dilemma. With it, you can recover deleted text messages on iPhone directly without any iTunes or iCloud backup by scanning your device and listing all the marked and hidden messages, and also allows you to preview the deleted messages before recovering them. More than anything, iRefone for Mac also supports selectively extracting text messages and other iOS contents from iTunes and iCloud backup. For Windows user, iRefone is your best alternative. 

How to Undelete Messages on iPhone 
Method 1: Directly Recover Text Messages from iPhone 

1. Run iRefone 

Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please plug in your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. Once connected successfully, iRefone will detect your iPhone automatically. Click Start button to begin. 


2. Scan messages from iPhone 

Select Messages and Message Attachments icon to scan your iPhone for the hidden or deleted text messages. 


3. Preview and choose lost text Messages to recover 

After automatic scanning, now you can select those lost text message you need and then, click Recover to Mac button and all selected will be recovered to your computer. 


Method 2: Recover iPhone Text Messages from iTunes Backup Files 

If you have an iTunes backup for your lost messages, you can follow this method to restore lost text messages from backup. 

Step 1. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup mode. All iTunes backup files will be detected. So just pick out one including your lost messages to scan. Click Select button. 


Step 2. Select Messages and Message Attachments for scanning. As one of the most remarkable features, iRefone allows you to selectively scan files you need instead of all files on iPhone to simplify the recovery process. 


Step 3. Preview and select all deleted text messages to recover. And by clicking Recover to Mac button to extract and save all lost text messages on your computer. 


Method 3: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iCloud Backup Files 

If you have an iCloud backup for your deleted text messages, you can choose Recover from iCloud Backup mode. 

Step 1: Set off iRefone and you will see the interface asking you to choose recovery mode. Click to choose "Recover from iCloud Backup", and you are brought to an interface asking sign in with your Apple ID. You will be presented with a list of iCloud backup file for different iOS devices, choose the right iCloud backup file to download. 


Step 2: Then, you can choose the Messages you would like to download. After that, you can scan the iCloud content now. Click on the "Next" button to begin. It will take you some time. Just wait for a moment. 


Step 3: Once the downloading process stops, you can click the icon of the Messages data you need in your iCloud backup file. Finally, click on the "Recover to Mac" to save them on your computer with one click. 


Tips to Avoid Deleting Messages from iPhone 
Although iRefone for Mac is efficient enough to recover all the deleted objects from your iPhone, why to become careless and let the data get deleted from your iPhone in the first place? Follow the tips given below to avoid such accidental data deletion from your phone: 

* Keep Your iPhone Passcode Protected 
This is important. You don't want your iPhone to be accessed and operated by any random person who visits your place or office. Right? 

* Keep Your iPhone Out of Reach of Kids 
Innocent and ignorant kids won't understand the importance of your messages. Therefore, it is good to keep your iPhone away from them until they become sensible enough to understand significance of your information. 

* Avoid Getting Apps and Files from Unreliable Sources 
Files from untrusted sources may bring along malicious information with them that may harm your iPhone. Always get the files from trusted sources, and apps from Apple Store. 

* Always Have a Backup Copy on Your PC 
Having a backup copy of all your messages and restoring them from there is far easier than recovering the deleted stuff using a data recovery tool. Use iTunes to back up your data on your PC. 

* Have an iCloud Backup 
Backing up your data on your iCloud account as well would be a wise step to take. This way, you can get your deleted information back even when you are not near your PC and are on the run. 

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Two Ways to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

Summary: Happen to forget your iPhone passcode? Get stuck in disable or locked iPhone screen? No panic! This article offer you some tips for factory reseting your iPhone to help you regain the access to iPhone. 

It is obvious that you would always want to protect your iPhone with a strong passcode in order to avoid your sensitive data from getting exposed to the outsiders. Whereas a passcode provides security to your personal data in your iPhone, it also has its own downsides. Sometimes we are likely to get trapped in disable or locked screen in case we happen to forget the passcode. If that happens, your last resort would be to factory reset your iPhone. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to factory reset iPhone without passcode

Before preparing to factory reset iPhone, what should we do first

Note: If you factory reset iPhone without passcode, all data on your iPhone will be erased and your iPhone would be like a new one. This means you have to find out ways to backup data or recover all the lost files. 

1. Backup iPhone 
We had better back up iPhone. You will know this backup is so important if you want to restore iPhone after hard reset. 

2. Take out iPhone SIM or SD card 
This action can protect iPhone data stored on SD card from damage. 

Method 1: Factory Reset iPhone with Home and Power Button 
When iPhone buttons are available, this way is one of the easiest methods to restore iPhone to factory settings without passcode. 

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button (at the bottom of iPhone) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously. 

Step 2: Hold both buttons until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart. 

Let it go when you see the Apple logo appear on screen. You've just performed a hard reset. 


Method 2: Factory Reset iPhone without Password with iTunes 
1. Connect the original data cable's USB connector to the PC's USB port. (Do not connect the other end of the cable to the iPhone at this moment.) 

2. Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer. 

3. Turn your iPhone off. 

4. After this, press and hold down the Home button on your iPhone, and while holding down, connect the other end of the cable to the phone. 

5. Wait until the iTunes icon appears on the screen, and then release the Home button. 
Note: This is Recovery Mode. 

6. On your computer, if iTunes doesn't start automatically, launch it manually. 

7. When prompted, click the Restore button on the iTunes 


8. Wait until iTunes connects to the iPhone software update server. 


9. On the iTunes confirmation box, read the message carefully and click Restore and Update. 


On the iPhone Software Update window, click Next. 


On the next window, click Agree to accept the license terms and to continue. 


Wait until a copy of iOS compatible for your iPhone is downloaded, and iTunes uses it to restore your phone to the factory settings. 


Tips: How to Avoid iPhone Passcode Loss 

Here are useful tips for you to avoid forgetting iPhone password, so that you would not fall into the tragedy to reset iPhone in a hurry. 

Tip 1: Write down your iPhone password on a paper and keep it in a safe place. This also applies to any password you have in daily life. 

Tip 2: Use Touch ID instead of passcode to unlock iPhone. With just a touch of the Home button, the Touch ID sensor reads your fingerprint and unlocks your iPhone. You can use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad without having to enter your passcode every time. The Apple Touch ID only applies to iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3. There are two ways you can unlock with Touch ID. For more details, see Apple's offical guide: Use Touch ID on iPhone to Unlock iPhone

Additional Tips

As mentioned above, after you successfully restore iPhone, it will be at the factory settings state, since all data are wiped. If you have used iTunes to backup your iPhone before, you can simply restore iPhone data from the backup. However, most of you may not have any backup files for your iPhone. If you are in this case, use iOS data recovery program - iRefone to help you recover all the lost data, including contacts, messages, call history, notes, Safari bookmarks, photos, videos and other files from your iPhone directly without any iTunes backup. During the data recovery, you're allowed to scan & preview and recover the data you required on your iPhone or choose the whole data recovery. This excellent gadget also features Mac version catering to your diverse demands. 

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What if we accidentally delete WhatsApp videos on iPhone

Summary: Accidentally delete essential WhatsApp videos on your iPhone? Don't worry! This article offers you some tips and tricks for restoring lost WhatsApp videos from iPhone with smooth workflow.

As is known to all, WhatsApp is an excellent app that not only allows you to chat with your friends anytime you want, but also allows you to send or receive files like videos, music, photos, and so on, to or from other users. However, sometimes you may have accidentally deleted the WhatsApp chats contain some important videos or other attachments on iPhone. If you are unfortunate to stuck in such trouble, the top prior thing is to seek ways for restoring those lost WhatsApp videos from iPhone. Well, this article is about to share some tips and tricks with you, keep reading on...

Method 1. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp videos on iPhone from recent backups?

The WhatsApp chat app makes backups for you automatically. However WhatsApp does not save or store any of your conversation or chat history on their server, thus you can’t expect to get a copy of your chats and messages from WhatsApp. The WhatsApp auto backup would be made every day at 4 AM (your local time). The automatic backup files of WhatsApp chat history and messages are only valid for 7 days after last saved. You can’t find or restore WhatsApp messages that are more than 7 days old. To recover deleted WhatsApp videos on iPhone from recent backups, you can simply delete WhatsApp from iPhone, then reinstall it, during this reinstall process you will be prompted either to restore whatsapp data from the backup or not.

Method 2. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp videos on iPhone from iCloud

Since version 2.10, WhatsApp has the built-in iCloud backup feature to back up your chat history so you can restore the videos in the future in case you accidently deleted your WhatsApp conversations and other documents.

How to restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud?

Tap to run WhatsApp on iPhone.
Go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Chat Backup to ensure you have activated iCloud backup for your WhatsApp chat history. Your last WhatsApp backup on iCloud date and time can also be found there.
Go to delete WhatsApp from your iPhone.
Reinstall WhatsApp from Apple App Store.
You can restore Whatsapp chat history when you reinstall WhatsApp. Your video, will be backed up and restored as well.

Method 3. Recover Deleted WhatsApp videos without Backups

Above methods to recover Whatsapp videos all require an earlier backup was made, either manually automatically. If you have no backups of Whatsapp data, for example you have not synced iPhone to iTunes for long time, you did not enable iCloud on iPhone, can we still recover deleted whatsapp videos, messages, conversation logs, photos, and other attachments? Yes, you can. You just need professional iPhone recovery software like iRefone for Mac, which is an excellent iOS data recovery. With its help, you are allowed to retrieve lost WhatsApp videos as well as text messages, audio messages, photos or other attachments from iPhone directly even without any backups. If you are on Windows, please turn to iRefone. Here, we will show you how to recover lost WhatsApp videos from iPhone 6S/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS with iRefone for Mac in detailed steps.

How to recover deleted whatsapp videos from iPhone?

Step 1: Install and Connect > Install iRefone for Mac and start it up. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Wait for the recognition of your iPhone by the software and hit the button of "Start". In this way, you have chosen the recovery mode of "Recover from iOS Device".

Note: Please choose the right version to download and install according to what kind of computer you are using. If your iPhone is not detected by iRefone, please check whether you have unlocked your iPhone with the passcode, and whether you have hit "Trust this computer "on your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Enter into the interface to show you all the data categories in your backup. Select the WhatsApp attachments to preview. All your lost WhatsApp videos are included.

Step 3: After all the WhatsApp data are exported, please select the videos you need to recover to your computer. Since you want the deleted items only, please check the top right box to display and select the deleted items only.

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